Closing website

Due to the fact that this website is quite inactive for the last 5 years, we are moving articles and videos to the main Neko Gaming website.
The brandname 8bitMisfits / 8bitOddities wil still remain active on the main website.
We will be introducing the old articles to the main website in a short while.
The domain will be redirected to the part of the main website with all articles as such.

Thank you for your understanding.

Walkthrough – 林则徐禁烟 Famicom

We have done a complete walkthrough of the game ES-1013 Lin Ze Xu Jin Yan (林则徐禁烟 aka “Linzexu Banned the Opium” and “Opium Wars”) from Fuzhou Waixing Computer Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (Chinese: 福州外星电脑科技有限公司 fú zhōu wài xīng diàn nǎo kē jì yǒu xiàn gōng sī, literally Fuzhou Alien Computer Technology Co., Ltd.). Continue reading “Walkthrough – 林则徐禁烟 Famicom”