The Team


Name: Ric (Retro Ric)
Function : Co-founder, Webmaster, designer, 3D print, sign & adverts, reviewer, film & photography, new and old gen gamer

Gaming came natural to me since the first time I saw my grandma playing the Atari 2600 with my mom when I was just 3 to 4 years old, soon I played the very same games and eventually the Nintendo Entertainment System came out in Europe. That was a real eye opener, my grandma and mom were still addicted to games untill the N64 came out and they drifted away... My interest was still high with Nintendo when I started playing games on the Playstation, although it was superior with graphics I was and still am a Nintendo Fanboy >_<
Untill this very day I still have all the games and systems that I played when I was younger.
And now befriended fellow 8bit system nut Patrick my curiosity in unlicensed games and systems grew and so is my game collection.
Together we started 8bit Misfits to bring awareness of these great games and make them publicly known.


Name:Patrick (Woo Ping)
Function : Co-founder, Unlicensed game and console expert, mods & repairs, reviews, sales

I started collecting CD-i games and consoles 15 years ago when a colleague gave me an old Philips 210 console.
I was never really into gaming before, but i liked the quirky CD-i.
Not long after i got my first famiclone, the Gamestation, a generic Polystation-style knock off.
I played nothing but the built in games for years, wondering what the cart connector was for.
I only found out after i gave it away.
So i set out on finding another famiclone.
Starting with a humble NOAC clone, i gradually found better and weirder clones to toy with, and started trading with fellow collectors.
In between all this wheelin' & dealin' i traded a keyboard clone with an expat in Taiwan.
He sent me all kinds of weird unlicensed Famicom games in return.
Games that made me scratch my head and repeat out loud that they should not exist, and yet, they do.

  • Mortal Kombat
  • Boogerman
  • Fatal Fury
  • Street Fighter Zero...

I was hooked right away and dedicated a lot of my spare time to researching the weird and wonderful world of unlicensed backports, demakes and originals, and i've been locating and collecting everything i can ever since.
Ric responded to one of my ads one day and came by to pick up some unlicensed games, we got talking, and we haven't stopped talking ever since.
In fact, we decided it was our duty to shed some much needed light on this underrated, and misunderstood part of retrogaming,and introduce people who are new to clones and unlicensed games to the gems we find along the way, and to distribute these to those who are looking for them.


Name: Jeroen (Ryu Repair)
Function: Mods & repairs, all-round tech speciaist

Growing up, I was always playing games and messing around with electronics.
I started teaching myself to repair, modify and build stuff.
I was also teaching myselfs reading and drawing electronics schematics and started to write my own programs. At first I was writing programs on my Commodore C64 in basic. Later I started learning programming in C (a programming language still used today)
I started out as a customer at 8bit Misfits, but after talking to Patrick for a few days and exchanging thoughts about a lot things, Patrick and I were getting along quite well.
Patrick introduced me to a whole new side of both hard- and software.
A side I never knew about.
Patrick told me he had some busted devices with various problems and the technical enthusiast in me just had to have a look at them !!
I will be keeping blogposts of my repairs and modifications on this website and later on I will be offering repair services to our stay tuned !

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