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Arcade kasten

Naast onze selectie van famiclones, games en console mods. Maken wij ook zelf op maat gemaakte arcade bartops. Kijk nu op Neko Gaming

Youtube | Our interview with Dutch Nerd Club

The Dutch Nerd Club did a interview recently about our hobbies and what we like to promote. Be sure to check out both videos, and maybe more to come.

Walkthrough – 林则徐禁烟 Famicom

We have done a complete walkthrough of the game ES-1013 Lin Ze Xu Jin Yan (林则徐禁烟 aka “Linzexu Banned the Opium” and “Opium Wars”) from Fuzhou Waixing Computer Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (Chinese: 福州外星电脑科技有限公司 fú zhōu wài xīng diàn nǎo kē jì yǒu xiàn gōng sī, literally Fuzhou Alien Computer Technology Co., Ltd.).

Repair | MD2 Clone rebuild finished

This is the last post on my Mega Drive/Genesis model 2 looking famicom clone! It’s FINISHED !!

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