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Repair | Sega Megadrive II Famiclone??

A few weeks ago I was given this FAMICOM clone that looks exactly like a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive model 2. The thing only had RF output, so I had to drag out my old RF-only tv and hook it up….just a grey screen with some darker grey blocks over the screen.

Repair | Mortal Kombat Clone

Okay, So there it was, the weird looking noac based Famicom clone with a sticker on it saying “Mortal Kombat III” Hooking it up learned me the controller ports weren’t working (tested with known working controllers) and the reset button didn’t respond. The cartridge slot protecting “flaps” were also moving to places where it wasn’t…
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Repair | Good Boy (finished)

Patrick got hold of a discrete famiclone which looks pretty awesome… the GOODBOY. Too bad the thing wasn’t working when he got it, so it was time to open the thing up! πŸ™‚ (my favorite waste of time!)

Review | Famicom – Sqoon

When you take a look at the cartridge you think that it’s a big budget game because of the look and feel. It even has a fancy led light wich glows when you turn on the console. Starting the game title screen you still have your hopes up because of the music.

Repair | Fixing a Mario IV cartridge

Ric got hold of a Mario Bros IV cartridge, but the cartridge shell was in bad shape. Later on, we discovered the game wasn’t working. No matter how good I cleaned the connector, none of my consoles was booting this game. Time do debug the cartridge! First I had to identify what chip does what.