Repair | Good Boy (finished)

Patrick got hold of a discrete famiclone which looks pretty awesome… the GOODBOY.
Too bad the thing wasn’t working when he got it, so it was time to open the thing up! 🙂 (my favorite waste of time!)


Opening it up, I found a nice Toshiba clone chipset, instead of the common UMC chipset.
I have found no difference in how the toshiba works, compared to the UMC.
Looking at the clock circuit learned me the clone was PAL based.

After finding the problem, I found out I ran out of replacement parts, so I was bummed for a brief moment…
I took apart a similar device, but this was based on a NOAC globtop board, but the needed parts were in there so I took the replacement parts from that board and soldered them in the goodboy.

Time for a test run!

Now it was time to put it back together.
The cartridge-eject mechanism kind of reminds me of the Super NES cartridge mechanism, but with two springs attached to the back of the bottom cover.
It was a challenge, but I managed to put it back together 🙂


So that’s another clone fully restored to it’s original state! 😀
Look at the nice shine on this beauty (see the first picture)

Case closed !!