Repair | MD2 Clone rebuild finished

This is the last post on my Mega Drive/Genesis model 2 looking famicom clone!

Today I took the time to find the missing data lines for lightgun/zapper support and fitted it with a new reset push button, since the old one wasn’t doing anything.

New reset button

Here’s a video of me playing Duck Hunt on the clone with a DB9 lightgun/zapper(clone)

This was a fun project which learned me a lot about the technical side of the famicom/NES.

I fixed a common NOAC/FOAC bug in the process, but there is another bug in this NOAC/FOAC board which can’t be fixed because when cloning the system on a chip, they left some crucial stuff out.

Still cool to have a clone in the house that I have actually rebuild from scratch (remember I had this NOAC board with no info on what pin had what function)

Here’s one more picture of the thing fully put back together again with a nice sonic (YEAH A NES VERSION) cartridge inserted:
Sonic on a Famicom/NES ?!