Repair | Mortal Kombat Clone


So there it was, the weird looking noac based Famicom clone with a sticker on it saying “Mortal Kombat III”
Hooking it up learned me the controller ports weren’t working (tested with known working controllers) and the reset button didn’t respond.
The cartridge slot protecting “flaps” were also moving to places where it wasn’t supposed to go and the eject button was also getting stuck

The reset button was as easy as fitting a new push button underneath, but I only had buttons which were a bit higher compared to the one that came out.
I had to mod the yellow button a little to keep it from constantly pushing the replacement push button, but I did a pretty good job because on the outside you can’t see anything different about it.

The controller ports were a bit more work, but in the end I got it working.

The cartridge slot protection flaps was fitted right back in to place and repaired so it stayed where it was supposed to be.
Also and eject mechanism was restored, so it works like it should now.

Here’s a photo of the clone when it was finished and put back together again.

Another one finished!!