Repair | Fixing a Mario IV cartridge

Ric got hold of a Mario Bros IV cartridge, but the cartridge shell was in bad shape. Later on, we discovered the game wasn’t working. No matter how good I cleaned the connector, none of my consoles was booting this game. Time do debug the cartridge! First I had to identify what chip does what.

Review | Famicom – Super Mario 4 Rock n Roll

At first glance a basic sprite hack of the game Armadillo. Sprites of Mario from Super Mario Bros 3 was inserted in place of Armadillo. Unfortunately that is where it ends with the original rom/cart.

Repair | “TV Game Console” – Making something out of nothing

Another repairs post, but this time it’s a finished repair. This is a famiclone which only states “TV Game Console” on the bottom sticker. The cool thing about this clone is the fact that it can both play Famicom and NES cartridges and it looks like a NES, but smaller.

Repair | of the Subor D21

So here is the first post of a repair I am working on right now. The 8bit misfits team got hold of a Subor D21 famiclone of which the 2nd controller wasn’t working. This is the device I am talking about. So hooking it up learned me not only the second controller wasn’t working, but …