Repair | of the Subor D21

So here is the first post of a repair I am working on right now.
The 8bit misfits team got hold of a Subor D21 famiclone of which the 2nd controller wasn’t working.
This is the device I am talking about.

So hooking it up learned me not only the second controller wasn’t working, but the first one also wasn’t working like it was supposed to.
Opening up the console, I instantly found out why the 2nd controller wasn’t working….the connector wasn’t hooked up to the board ! I hooked it up, but only to find the controller still not working.

So now it was time to find out if the controllers were bad or if the famiclone was bad. I did this by finding out what pin of the controller had what function (determine the pinout) and then hooking up my nes advantage to the board with some breadboard wires. See the pictures below to see how I did it




I played a nice game of Super Mario Bros 3 this way:

SO now I know the clone itself is working as it should, it’s time to disassemble the controllers. I was shocked!!!

I can’t recall seeing bad soldering like this ever before!!
Solder pads lifted from the board and pcb traces ruined!
So after talking to Patrick (Woo Ping) we decided it was best to just replace the PCB’s on both controllers. He has some spares on stock, so I’ll have to wait for the replacement PCB’s to arrive.

To be continued !