Repair | “TV Game Console” – Making something out of nothing

Another repairs post, but this time it’s a finished repair.
This is a famiclone which only states “TV Game Console” on the bottom sticker.
The cool thing about this clone is the fact that it can both play Famicom and NES cartridges and it looks like a NES, but smaller.
It even takes NES peripherals (controllers and zapper) as it’s input.
This thing was bought in a state where it wasn’t doing anything, but is fully functional now.

Here you can see the first test run with a famicom cartridge:
60pin test run

And another test run with a NES cartridge:
72 pins testrun

And fully assembled with a famicom cartridge in it:
assembled 60pin

And 1 more shot with a NES cartridge in it when fully put back together:
assembled 72pin

And while I the thing was disassembled, I tried playing around with the videoamplifier circuit to see if I could get rid of those horrible jailbars that were there.
Still not fully gone, but the image on this clone is pretty good right now:
hardly any jailbars!